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Inhabited Spaces

Inhabited Spaces, a six-part seriesis a journey that looks at innovative practice through the writing of creative practitioners of definitions and reinventions of our ideas of expression, looking at the shifts in language and discourses of art.


Series 1, October 2002
Outside the marginAlice Angus,
Alice Angus presents artists’ perspectives on language and its relationship to place.


Series 2, November 2002
The games artists play, Sally O’Reilly
Sally O’Reilly pursues the free-for-all ethos of gaming.


Series 3, December 2002
Mediated journeysJose Ferreira
Jose Ferreira introduces us to artists’ imaginative use of technology and its relationship to urban space.


Series 4, January 2003
Architectural dialoguesJes Fernie
Jes Fernie reveals the process of enquiry that challenges collaborations between artists and architects.


Series 5, February 2003
Old spaces for new art, Penelope Curtis
Penelope Curtis explores how ’installation art’ has affected our readings of art, artists and curators.


Series 6March 2003
Space campaigns and living work, Lars Bang Larsen
Lars Bang Larsen’s discussion of visual art extends beyond new sites and contexts to ask questions of how art meets the ideological spaces of politics and mass media – and how behaviour has become aesthetic.


a-n Commissioning Editor.
Series first published: a-n Magazine October 2002 – March 2003.

Marijke van Warmerdam