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Tales of Two Cities

a-n Magazine new international series.

Tales of two cities: Brazil
Luiz Camillo Osorio provides an insight into the political and cultural landscape of Rio de Janeiro and the creative spontaneity that unfolds as a unique force of resistance there. Writer and curator Ana Paula Cohen lives ‘inside’ São Paulo, Brazil. She unravels a section of the vast megalopolis by circumnavigating the horizontal and vertical layers of the city centre.

First published: a-n Magazine February 2005


Tales of two cities: South Africa
Kathryn Smith writes about the city of Johannesburg in the process of reinventing itself, an urban landscape evocative of a difficult and conflicted past, and a present that is forever taking its cues from history. Virginia MacKenny unveils the masked hard reality of Cape Town’s art scene as it engages in a process of transformation.

First published: a-n Magazine March 2005


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